Colleen Osland

Client Services Associate

Colleen grew up back east, spending most of her childhood in Michigan and South Carolina. After finishing school in South Carolina, she moved to Atlanta and began her career. Colleen’s career spans 30 years and includes working as a commercial credit and financial analyst for a Fortune 500 Company, as a sales manager, and as a project manager. With her background in credit and finance, Colleen always valued the importance of managing both personal and business finances. She witnessed the often-serious results when money is not managed with an intentional plan.

Colleen and her husband Scott moved to Tucson in 2008, and after successful careers, she retired from the corporate world in 2016. Colleen followed her passion for helping others and teaching them the plan and the process to take control of their finances. She trained as a Ramsey Solutions Financial Master Coach with the Ramsey Solutions team in Nashville Tennessee. Colleen’s highest priority is to guide, equip, and encourage people to make the best money management decisions to improve their current financial situation, plan for, and secure their financial future and well-being.